Thursday, August 21, 2008

Last night kami cut tycee's hair and also put highlights in it just blond ones cause we didn't want it to be to much. It turned out so cute but my husband was not to happy about it he sd she is two young but then when he saw her he didn't have anything bad to say. So when i told tycee not to say anything to her dad about it just to see if he notices she sd "Why does he not want me to put highlights in my hair is it because the boys will start flirting with me." It was so funny I could hardly drive I was laughing so hard. Today was the first day of school for tycee she is in first grade and was a little nervous because it is a new school. So we wake up and she gets her new outfit on and I did her hair and we leave to go to school of course we were running a little late and when we got there the bell had already rang. so I walked her into class and the first thing I thought was holy crap Tycee looks like she just steeped out of a fashion mag cause every other little kid was dressed in jeans and tee shirts. I was like its the first day of school why didn't there parents drees them up that's what we always did. Oh well I don't mind if my daughter is over dressed she looked so cute. I will post a picture of her as soon as she gets home I forgot to take one this morning.

Monday, August 18, 2008

So I have not been doing anything in the last month except trying to get my esthetic licence so that i can get a job. For any one thinking about going to school for this make sure they don't try and screw you over with your financial aid cause that is what happened to me. Well on a better note I went for a job interview today at a new beauty school here in Idaho Falls that is starting an esthetics's program and needs an instructor. It went really well and if all goes well I will be starting in a couple of months. In the mean time I will be helping come up with a curriculum and get the products that we need. I am so excited i think it will be a great opportunity.