Monday, February 23, 2009

Well i found out a few weeks ago that I am prego!!!!!!!!! I am way excited, Jared on the other hand is not as excited i think it took him off guard. The girls are way excited though, Tycee sd that she will help out a lot and will even change dippers. Azh sd no at first she is the baby then she sd ok lets have one of each!!!!! I don't really care if its a boy or a girl as long as its healthy. Jared of course wants a boy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I finally got to go see Twilight on Saturday and oh my gosh it was amazing. I wanted to stay and watch it again and I am going to see it on Saturday. I will be the first in line to buy it at midnight at Walmart the night it comes out. I know i am crazy but it was so good. I went with my friend Kristi and she loved it as well. It is hard to say why it draws you in but it is so captivating. To be that in love with someone and to want nothing more than to me with that person forever wow. If you have not read them you should!!!!!!