Thursday, October 30, 2008


K so we moved back to Idaho because Jared got a really good job (or so we thought). Then i finished school but i cant get my school to release my hrs cause they are stupid. Then we move into a nice house that just so happened to be big and great and in our price rang and way to good to be true and oh boy it was it. The people we rented it from were getting a divorce and so they needed someone in there fast. So for the first three months life was great we had a house and Jared had a good job then it all came crashing down. Jared started not getting paid from this oh so great job and the people we rented the house from decided to get back together and wanted the house back. So were did that leave us out on our butts with no where to go and no income. Why the crap did we move back to this place???? At the time that's what I was thinking. Thank goodness to Kami cause she saved our butts and let us stay in her basement and I got a great job working for a collection agency. Then Jared went to a job interview for a temp to hire job and walked out with a job as a recruiter at the actual temp agency. so that is all well and good but now we are looking for a house to move into because it is a little cramped at Kami's and I cant find one to save my life. I have looked at so many but they either were the type that you couldn't pay me to live in or were way out of our price rang. Then last night we go look at a house and it is perfect I love it so we get the app and then she says "oh yea you cant have indoor pets" and I was like crap are you kidding me. So today I go look at a house and it is again perfect and in my price rang and the guy says i will let you know in a couple of days. I dont want to know in a couple of days I want to know now!!!! Can nothing go right?

Monday, October 20, 2008

It was my mother in law's birthday last month and I wanted to get her something cute so I bought a picture frame from Walmart. When I got it home and put the pictures it was so plane and I was not happy with it so I took it down to my scrapbooking room and found these cute flowers and letters and added them on. I think it turned out so cute and she really loved it.
This is a picture of Tycee's hair that Kami did the same day. It turned out really goos as well.
On Saturday Kami did Azhlinns hair, it turned out so cute. this is a picture of the back. i will post a pic of the front. Kami is so good I wish I could be so creative.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

k now I got it changed but now how do I make it smaller cause there is supposed to have pumpkins on the sides

I am retarded

If anyone can help me figure out how to get the brown background off of my blog that would be great. I dont know a lot about how to change my background and Kami tried to help me but she couldn't figure it out.