Friday, May 30, 2008

So Kami tagged me so here it is...........

WHO DO YOU LOVE? I love my family and friends who support me and love me no matter what.
WHO SAID "I LOVE YOU FIRST"? Jared did in an e-mail I think (How romantic.....Not) Ha HA
WHERE DID HE PRPOSE? Well he never really did we were really young and we just decided we wanted to get married he never said "will you marry me"
WHO IS SMARTER? I would say we are even.
WHO DOES THE LAUNDRY? I have to agree with Kami, we both wash and dry it but when it comes to putting it away neither one of us do!!
WHO PAYS THE BILLS? I do its just easier that way.
WHO MOWS THE LAWN? He does if we live some where that has a lawn.
WHO COOKS DINNER? I do unless we want mac and cheese or ramen noddles
WHO DRIVES? I do although I am not sure why.

Thanks Kami that was fun.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

So on Tuesday I started my new job at a spa in South Ogden it is called A Change of Face. It is a small spa but very nice. I am going to do reception and also an apprenticeship wit the owner. She has been in the business for almost 20 years so I am way excited. Then after I get done with school I will hopefully stay there and work. I have about 9 months left of school but I cant wait to be done. On a different note Tycee will be done with kindergarten in two weeks I cant believe she will be six soon and going into first grade. Azhlinn will be starting pre-school as well, she is way excited. Its crazy how busy life gets sometimes but I love it it keeps us active and off the couch.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I am so excited on Monday, April 28th Our dog Svelta had puppies!!!! She is an Italian Greyhound and this is her 2nd batch. She had the puppies at six in the morning. She had three girls and one boy, 2 black one white and tan and one grey. unfortunately the last puppy to be born only lived for two days she was the runt and just couldn't make it. It was a really sad day and Tycee took it really hard. We had a mini funeral and buried it in the back yard. But the other three are big and are eating so much and getting way chunky. They are so fun but a lot of work. We will have a hard time selling them I am sure. I will post more pictures as they get older